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In this section of the Raptor Knowledge Base we look at Sitemaps in a lot more detail, these come in many types, formats and have many components that need to be considered and optimised.

HTML Sitemaps

A HTML Sitemap should contain a link to every page on the website that you want people to find. If, however the site is particularly large it’s often better to have several sitemaps broken into relevant sections / categories should be used to link (collectively) to every page on the site.

This type of sitemap provides a HTML anchor text link to every canonical page on your site and as such is a valuable SEO component. Read more about HTML sitemaps.

XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps are vital for indexation by search engines, especially after a website migration has occurred having concise XML sitemaps allows search engines to identify the new site structure.

An example of an XML sitemap can be found on here our site, learn more about xml sitemaps here.

Multiple Sitemaps & Master Sitemaps

If a site has thousands of pages it becomes more important to break these pages up over several sitemaps, primarily this makes it easier to identify indexing issues. By having smaller sitemaps, you can see in Google Webmaster Tools where pages are not being indexed more easily.

If the sitemaps are structured based on the site’s structure this should provide even more of an indication as to potential indexation errors.

Read more about multiple XML sitemaps.

Video & Image Sitemaps

If the website contains a lot of quality images or videos that would be ideal for Google Image search, ensure the website contains a XML Image sitemap and adheres to the rules detailed in this article.

Read more about types of sitemap.

News Sitemaps

If the website contains frequently created quality articles that would be ideal for Google News (usually 3 articles per day from multiple authors), ensure the website contains a XML News sitemap and adheres to the guidelines for this.

Read more about news sitemaps.

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