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Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a broad category of largely unrelated components that we have grouped under this heading; the common thread being that they are more or less all technical in nature!

That isn’t to say that these components are intrinsically complex, some of them are quite simple to fix… however some of these components are in fact quite complicated subjects that night require some fundamental knowledge of SEO, HTML, web design or hosting technology to be able to implement.

The subjects that we currently cover in this section are as follows:

Error Handling

Error handling is only relevant once broken links come into play... It is the handling of these errors that could result in the difference between losing a user and keeping one.

Read more about error handling.

HTML Errors

This guide looks at a small range of valuable SEO HTML checks to ensure all of your vital SEO page components are working correctly from a coding perspective.

Read more about html errors.

Mobile Sites

This guide addresses the need for mobile & tablet friendly sites and the impacts of this on SEO and UX (User Experience). There are a range of SEO factors to consider when building a mobile site that we provide insights into.

Read more about mobile sites.

Website Design Types and Technology

Ensuring that a website is accessible from any device that could access it has meant that SEO’s need to understand the difference between RWD (Responsive Website Design) and AWD (Adaptive Website Design).

Read more about website design technology.


There are several different types of URL redirection available for web developers to implement and many more variants within each type. This guide provides an overview of the different types of URL redirection, with the main focus being on the most common redirects.

Read more about redirections.

Robots.txt Files

'Robots' (also known as bots, crawlers and spiders), are programs that traverse the Web automatically in search of specified data. For example, search engines like Google use them to index the content on websites.

Read more about robots.txt files.

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Raptor’s Technical SEO Tools

Our SEO software will be released for Beta later this year, this SEO tool has a huge range of features relevant to technical SEO auditing components. This can be a confusing topic, Raptor cuts through the clutter and gives you an in-depth technical analysis of your sites issues.

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