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1 - 2 Sec Pages

Pages That Load Between 1 & 2 Seconds - Raptor SEO Data

This data shows the number of HTML pages that were analysed during a crawl that load the between 1 and 2 seconds. When Raptor crawls a site, we detect how long it takes to load the text on the page, we test this from a UK (United Kingdom) based server and measure the load time to within two decimal places.

The video below shows what this data means, how to find it, how to use it and demonstrates some of the options that you have within the summary tab.



These pages load in less than 2 seconds and as such meet with the broad recommendations set out by Google. That said, this is not what we would consider fast and as such are given an informational severity level. It is often worth looking at these pages to see if there are ways to improve the load times.


Where Can You Find This Data?

You will find this data in the reporting section under the summary tab, in the ‘page speed’ section, as is shown in the image below:


Pages that load the between 1 and 2 seconds


This data is analysed as part of the website crawl and is bucketed into this category if the page loads in between 1 & 2 seconds. This is shown as part of the summary tab rather than just providing raw data, but also because you may want to investigate these pages in more detail.


Compare the Number of Pages That Load Between 1 & 2 Seconds

You can choose to compart any two website crawls of a particular site and then compare the difference between the data of these crawls. We have highlighted in the screenshot below the column that shows the difference. You can use this to see if your site is increasing or decreasing in load times over time:


Compare Spage Speed Between Crawls


Drill Down to the Load Time Data

If you click on either of the two numbers shown for this metric (current and previous crawl, both of which can be selected from all crawls) you will be taken through to a page that lists all the URLs that fall into this category. Our site does not have any pages that load in more than 1 second, but the page, data and structure will look exactly the same as this:


Drill down page speed data


This data provides the specific load times for each URL determined during the crawl along with various other data. From here you can download the data to CSV or view the paginated data online.


Visualisation of Page Load Time Data

We also show this data s a chart within the SEO audit section of the software, as shown in the chart below:


Visualise Page load time data


This chart, although not a part of the summary tab does provide a clear visualisation of the page load time data that we scrape and analyse during site crawls. We colour code the columns in the chart to highlight the potential severity of the load time. In this example you can see that the colour is yellow.

The yellow indicates that this is not severe but is still not ‘green’ which means ‘all good’.