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5XX Pages

5xx pages - Raptor SEO Data

5XX pages are URLs that return a server error and are consequently inaccessible, these are errors and need to be resolved.


Check out the video below to understand what this data means and how you can use it in any time of SEO analysis or technical audit. At Raptor we have a huge suite of SEO tools that scrape data from sites using our advanced SEO web crawler, this video and geode is one of many that are designed to help you not only understand the SEO web data, but how we collect and analyse it.



5xx Server Error Types

5XX response codes are server errors and are inaccessible pages and are an error by definition.


500: Internal Server Error

This is a generic error resulting from an unexpected condition.

501: Not Implemented

Although often implying future availability the server is currently unable to recognize or doesn’t have the ability to complete the request at this time.

502: Bad Gateway

Due to an invalid upstream server response the server cannot complete or fulfil the request. This is due to the use of a proxy, which is the upstream server.

503: Service Unavailable

The server is overloaded or down for something like maintenance and cannot currently handle the request.

504: Gateway Timeout

Because the upstream server did not respond quickly enough the gateway (proxy) server was unable to complete the request.

505: HTTP Version Not Supported

The HTTP protocol used for the request is not recognised and hence the request cannot be fulfilled.

506: Variant Also Negotiates (Experimental)

This is a circular reference resulting from the transparent content negotiation for the request.

507: Insufficient Storage (WebDAV)

The server is unable to store the representation needed to complete the request.

508: Loop Detected (WebDAV)

The server identified an infinite loop and terminates the request.

509: Bandwidth Limit Exceeded (Apache)

This error means that your site is receiving too much traffic than the host can allow.

510: Not Extended

Due to extensions that are not present the server cannot fulfil the request.

511: Network Authentication Required

Authentication, that was not present, to gain access resulted in a failed request

598: Network read timeout error

A network read timeout behind the proxy server.

599: Network connect timeout error

This status code is not specified in any RFCs (Request for Comments) but is used by some HTTP proxies to signal a network connect timeout behind the proxy to a client in front of the proxy.