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Duplicate Meta Description Sets

Duplicated Meta Descriptions Pages - Raptor SEO Data

This data shows which pages have more than one meta description present on them. Google can only show one meta description per page and so having multiple meta descriptions present on a single page is by definition an error. Review the pages identified and remove all bar one of the meta descriptions. Choose the best meta description or create a new single meta description for each page.



Meta data can consist of many things, such as p[age titles and meta descriptions. Page titles are a direct algorithmic organic ranking factor. What this means is that Google will both look for keywords within these components to determine relevance between the page and the keyword and factor this onto ranking the page.

Meta description are like your sales message to the world, they should accurately and fairly promote the content on the page while encouraging click through rate (CTR). CTR is a direct algorithmic ranking factor and is a powerful one, so although the meta description and keyword usage within it is not a direct ranking factor, it is still hugely important.

This and the other videos in this series show how our web crawler collects data, where it collects it from and how that is processed and summarised for you. Our SEO reporting feature is designed to quickly and easily draw your attention to where it is most needed. We detail every type of error is the meta data section relevant to most SEO audits and provide the ability for you to interrogate this online or download it into reports where you can analyse it offline.

If you’re keen to learn more about this metric and what it means, check out our extensive guides on meta data, meta descriptions and page titles, or any of the other data in our SEO software, please check out the guides below:


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