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GEO Placename Data

GEO Placename

GEO placename
Simple Definition
GEO Placename Tag in More Detail
Returned Values
Examples of How GEO Placename Tag Data is Used
- Example 1: Auditing GEO Meta Tags
- Example 2: Ensure that the GEO Placename are correct
Related Content
Benefits of Our Data


GEO placename

We scrape and show the contents of the GEO Tag 'placename' of a page. If there is more than one of these, we take the first one we find which is typically that closest to the top of the page.

Although not the most important factor to consider on a site; every little can help and if you’re struggling for tweaks to give you an edge over your competitors, this can help.


Simple Definition

We identify the GEO Placename tag on each page.


GEO Placename Tag in More Detail

If a page contains the meta tag geo.placename then we extract the contents of this tag, in the example code below, you can see the text highlighted in red.

<meta name="geo.placename" content="London" />

This red text “London” in the above example is what we extract from the crawled webpage and show in the field.


Returned Values

The options for the fields are as follows:


This is the text we identified in the field


There is a tag, but the txt is missing


When there Is no GEO tag for this


When there is a tag, but the tag is incorrectly implemented or broken


Examples of How GEO Placename Tag Data is Used

This is a less common tag nowadays, but some sites still use GEO meta tags to delineate locations, if you’re auditing a site with these tags, you will want to scrape all the GEO tag data.


Example 1: Auditing GEO Meta Tags

If for any reason you are auditing a site you may want to make the recommendation to remove this tag, replace it or amend it. We scrape the data for each page with this tag so that you can perform this analysis.


Example 2: Ensure that the GEO Placename are correct

Because the GEO Placename tag is quite antiquated now, there is a good chance a site will not have updated it in some time. You can use our website crawler to collect the tag data to ensure that it is still correct.


Related Content

The list of guides below might be useful if you are analysing this data and want to know more about it:

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Benefits of Our Data

There are several benefits to analysing GEO Tag Placename data, such as those listed below:

  • Improve Location Targeting
  • Reinforce a multi-regional site’s structure
  • Reinforce a multilingual site’s structure
  • Save Time collecting and exporting data
  • Easily and quickly see a visual representation of a site’s content
  • Compare your data easily to your competitors
  • Use Cloud Based Website Crawler


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