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Indexable Pages

Indexable URLs - Raptor SEO Data

Indexable pages are pages that can be indexed by Google, in terms of the checks we perform these are pages that do not have a noindex tag present and are not disallowed from the robots.txt file


To better understand what data, we show in our SEO software means, what it means for your site and how to best utilise that data. The data that our powerful SEO software that we produce provides hundreds of types of data, some of this is scraped from sites and some of it we calculate and analyse for you.  Check out  the SEO explainer video shown below:



Indexable pages appear, or at lest have the potential to appear in the search results (for the most part). Content is typically indexable by default, you need to do something to that content to make it non-indexable.


Why Look at indexability?

Raptor shows indexability reports so that you can ensure that your content can be picked up by Google. Indexability is a prerequisite of getting content listed in Google and other search engines.


What is indexation?

To provide a deeper understanding of what this means… Google have a web crawler called Googlebot that crawls webpages, it will then add those pages to its index. Indexing is a method that optimises the performance of a database by reducing the number of disk accesses required when a query is make or processed.

An index (or database) is a data structure that is used to quickly identify and then access the data in said database. Indexes are like tables with rows and columns.


Why Is This So Important

We provide indexation data in our reports in a number of places to show help you to identify content that you want to appear in the search results. Any content can be indexable, HTML pages, Images, Style sheets, everything.


This guide is part of an extensive series of guides covering the data that we show in the summary tab of our SEO reporting feature. The following list of links shows all of the categories of data guides, videos and tutorials that we have. If you have any feedback on this or anything else, please fee free to get in touch: