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Meta Keywords (Length) Data

Meta Keywords (Length)

Meta Keywords (Length)
Values Returned
What We Do
Examples of how Meta Data Can Be Used
- Example 1: Identify Meta Keywords that are too long
- Example 2: Identify Meta Keywords that are too short
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Benefits of Meta Data


Meta Keywords (Length)

This is the length of the Meta Keywords tag contents in characters, including letters, spaces, numbers and punctuation. Raptor’s web crawler calculates this value and makes it available for download when you are exporting reports.


Values Returned

Within the column for ‘Meta Keywords (length)’, there four values that can be returned for this which are as follows:


A number representing the amount of characters within the Meta Keywords


When the contents of the Meta Keywords tag is empty


When the Meta Keywords tag is not present on a HTML/Text page


If the URL is not a HTML/Text page or is inaccessible


What We Do

The number of characters including punctuation and spaces of the meta keywords.


This number of characters that we count in a meta keywords is based on the characters highlighted in red in the example below:

  • <meta name="keywords" content="example keyword,only used for bing,really broad term”/>

There are 52 characters within the text “example keyword,only used for Bing,really broad term” when you include the spaces but remove the punctuation the separates the keywords.

Where there is no meta keywords tag on a page this field will be left blank.


Examples of how Meta Data Can Be Used

The examples below show the two most common uses for Meta Keywords data, in terms of how it can be used for SEO.


Example 1: Identify Meta Keywords that are too long

Meta Keywords that are too long can be seen as spammy or an indication of old and unhelpful SEO tactics. This can also be seen as spammy or could imply keyword stuffing, none of which are things you want of a site.

You can filter data very easily to identify pages that exceed the recommended maximum length of a Meta Keywords tag.


Example 2: Identify Meta Keywords that are too short

Meta Keywords that are to short often are not taking advantage of the space afforded them to create compelling sales messaging and encourage clicks. You can raptor’s web data to identify these pages easily.


Related Content

The list of guides below might be useful if you are analysing this data and want to know more about it:

Related column headers in Raptor website crawler reports:


Benefits of Meta Data

There are many significant benefits to analysing Meta Keywords, we have detailed most of the more popular ones below:

  • Identify pages with long Meta Keywords
  • Identify pages with keyword stuffing


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