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Missing Tag Manager Code Pages

Missing Google Tag Manager Code - Raptor SEO Data

In this this check of the data we scrape for each page we analyse whether pages have Google Tag Manager code present on them. If your sites use Google Tag Manager to deploy tracking code, then this check will check which pages are missing the code.

This is a major error for most sites as missing Google Tag Manager code means that the affected page is not effectively tracking anything. The video below explains a little more about what this code is, does, and why we scrape and summarise this data in our SEO tool.



If you would like to learn more about Google Tag Manager errors, or any of the other data in our SEO tool, please check out the guide below:

Support: Google Analytics and Tag Manager Data


Our website scraper collects the raw data from each page of your site and analyses it to create a summary. The raw data is downloadable, but the summary tab makes assessing it a lot easier. This data is then shown in the summary tab of the SEO reporting tool (see screenshot below).


Pages Missing Google Tag Manager Code


What is Google Tag Manager Code?

Google Tag Manager code is used to deploy tracking code such as Google Analytics tracking code, but it ca also be used to install tracking pixels and code from other platforms often used to track users between platforms like Facebook.

You can also use this code to deploy conversion tracking such as when an action is performed by a user such as making a purchase, adding a product to a cart or completing a form.

The screenshot below shows what the Google Tag Manager code looks like when looking at it in Google Tag manager. This also provides instructions on where to install this code:


Google Tag Manager Code


Identifying Pages Missing Google Tag Manager Code

Our SEO software makes identifying this error very easy, simply navigate to the reporting section of the tool and you will see the Google Analytics Data Summary section. We present this data in the summary tab and present three columns of data within this tab:

  1. The number of pages with missing Google Tag Manager code from the current crawl
  2. The number of pages with missing Google Tag Manager code from the previous crawl
  3. The difference between these two numbers

By clicking on either of the first two numbers you will be taken to a ‘drill down’ page that lists all of the pages that have missing Google Tag Manager code. We do not use tag manager code to deploy tracking codeā€¦ So, the screenshot below shows all URL on the site that are missing the code:


Identify pages missing Google Tag Manager Code


When Is This Data Useful to You?

If you are using Google Tag Manager to deploy tracking code, then this data will be useful to you, if you do not use this on your site, it will be of no interest!