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Non-HTML Pages

Non HTML URLs - Raptor SEO Data

HTML pages are typically the standard webpage that you would expect to view on a website. This metric shows the number of pages that are not HTML that we crawled during the crawl of your site. This can include URLs such as images, CSS files, JavaScript files and PDFs.




File Formats and Types of Files (Non-HTML)

There are many types of non-HTML file formats on the web, these come in various categories such as those detailed below. These are often used in HTML pages.


Common Video Formats


File: .mpeg & .mpg

Description: This used to be supported by all browsers, but it is not supported in the latest iteration of HTML (HTML5) (See MP4).



File: .avi

Description: AVI (Audio Video Interleave). This was developed by Microsoft and is commonly used in video cameras and TV hardware. This plays without issue on Windows computers, but not in web browsers.



File: .wmv

Description: WMV (Windows Media Video). Developed by Microsoft. Commonly used in video cameras and TV hardware. This plays without issue on Windows computers, but not in web browsers.



File: .mov

Description: QuickTime. This is developed by Apple and is commonly used in video cameras and TV hardware. This plays without issue on Windows computers, but not so well in web browsers.



File: .r & .ram

Description: RealVideo. Developed by Real Media to allow video streaming with low bandwidths. Although this is t is still used online for video media it does not operate well in web browsers.



File: .swf & .flv

Description: Flash. Developed by Macromedia this often requires a plugin to allow it to play in web browsers.



File: .ogg

Description: Theora Ogg. Developed by the Xiph.Org Foundation and is supported by HTML5 but is very uncommon.



File: .webm

Description: WebM. Developed by the web giants, Mozilla, Opera, Adobe, and Google. Supported by HTML5.


MPEG-4 or MP4

File: .mp4

Description: MP4. Developed by the Moving Pictures Expert Group. Based on QuickTime. Supported by all HTML5 browsers this is very common and is recommended by YouTube. Consequently, this format is used all over the net. Often other formats need to be converted into this format for web use.


Audio Web Formats


File: .mid & .midi

Description: MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). Main format for all electronic music devices like synthesizers and PC sound cards. MIDI files do not contain sound, but digital notes that can be played by electronics. This works well on programs like VLC or Windows Media Player but does not work  well on in web browsers.



File: .aac

Description: AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). Developed by Apple as the default format for iTunes. Plays well on Apple computers, but not in web browsers.



File: .mp3

Description: MP3 files are actually the sound part of MPEG files. MP3 is the most popular format for music players. Combines good compression (small files) with high quality. Supported by all browsers.



File: .mp4

Description: MP4 is a video format but can also be used for audio. MP4 video is the upcoming video format on the internet. This leads to automatic support for MP4 audio by all browsers.



File: .ogg

Description: Ogg. Developed by the Xiph.Org Foundation. Supported by HTML5.



File: .rm & .ram

Description: RealAudio. Developed by Real Media to allow streaming of audio with low bandwidths. This works well on programs like VLC or Windows Media Player but does not work  well on in web browsers.



File: .wav

Description: WAV. Developed by IBM and Microsoft. This works well on programs like VLC or Windows Media Player on Linux, Windows and Macs but does not work  well on in web browsers. Supported by HTML5.



File: .wma

Description: WMA (Windows Media Audio). Developed by Microsoft. Commonly used in music players. This works well on programs like VLC or Windows Media Player but does not work  well on in web browsers.


Other Web Formats

File Extension

File Type


A4Desk Pro Project File


Alpha Five Webpage File


Opera Bookmarks File


Alpha Five Compiled Global Functions File


ActiveX Layout Control File


Adobe Edge Animate Project File


Active Page


HTML5 Cache Manifest File


SteelArrow Web Application File


ASP Configuration File


ASP.NET Server Application File


ASP.NET User Control File


ASP.NET Web Handler File


ASP.NET Web Service File


Active Server Page


Active Server Page Extended File


ActionScript Remote Document


Atom Syndication Format


Web Form Post Data File


AllWebMenus Project File


ASP.NET Web Handler File


Bean Markup Language File


ProStores Dynamic Web Page


Brotli Compressed File


ASP.NET Browser Definition File


uTorrent App


BuRg3r Web Page


CopperCube JavaScript File


Channel Definition Format


Internet Security Certificate


ColdFusion Mark-up File


ColdFusion Mark-up Language File


IRC Chat Configuration File


IRC Chat Configuration File


Compiled HTML Help File


Content Management System


Coda Site File


WordCompress Compacted Web File


Concept Application Source File


Cool Page Project File


CloudChan Pre-processed Hypertext Document


Certificate Revocation List File


Security Certificate


ASP.NET Razor Web Page


Concept Server Page


Certificate Signing Request File


Cascading Style Sheet


Access Data Access Page


ColdFusion Server File


Shockwave Media File


DER Certificate File


Dynamic HTML file


DISCO Discovery Document


DISCO Discovery Output File


DLL Dynamic Web Page


DynaScript File


Java Servlet


Microsoft Word HTML Document


Microsoft Word MIME HTML Document


Microsoft Word HTML Document Template


Partially Downloaded File


Dreamweaver Web Page Template


Escenic Dynamic Web Page


Adobe Edge Project File


Web File Location


Espresso Project File


Ewisoft Website Project File


FastCGI File


123 Flash Menu Project


Freeway Document


Microsoft Expression Web Package


Freeway Template Bundle


Freeway Template


Freeway Template Bundle


Flickr Web Page


IMail Error Message File


Groovy Server Page




Handheld Device Mark-up Language File


Apache HTACCESS File


HTML Component File


Hypertext Mark-up Language File


Hypertext Mark-up Language File


HTML Extension File


Help 2 Compiled Help File


Hype Document


Hype Resources Folder


Hype Symbol File


Hype Document Template


Internet Database Connector File


Internet Query


iTunes Music Store Link File


iTunes Podcast Link File


iWeb Widget File


Liquid Motion Animation


Java HTML Web Page


Java Web Start File


JavaScript File


JavaScript Object Notation File


Java Server Page


Java Servlet Alias


XML Java Server Page


JavaScript Style Sheet File


JavaServer Page Document


JavaScript Proxy Autoconfig File


Java Web Services File


CodeKit File


Lasso Database-Driven Web Page


Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder Saved Link


LESS Style Sheet


Mozilla Archive Format File


Image Map


Mapjects Client Webparts File


ASP.NET Master Page


MHTML Web Archive




Node.js ES Module File


Mozilla Cache File


Microsoft ASP.NET Web Page


Adobe Muse Website Project


MivaScript Compiled File


IBM HotMedia Multimedia File


NetObjects Fusion File


eSite Builder NXG Web Page


NewzBin Usenet Index File


Adobe Edge Animate Widget File


Opera Mini Saved Web Page


Opera Mini Saved Web Page


Opera Mini Saved Web Page


Dynamic Web Page


Office Live Package


Outline Processor Markup Language File


OpenDocument HTML Template


Personal Information Exchange File


PKCS #7 Digital Certificate File


PKCS #7 Certificate File


PKCS #7 Certificate File


Proxy Auto-Config File


HybridJava Web Page


Privacy Enhanced Mail Certificate


PHP Source Code File


PHP 2 Web Page


PHP 3 Web Page


PHP 4 Web Page


PHP 5 Web Page


PHP-Based Web Page


PHP Web Page


PowerPoint HTML Presentation


Microsoft PowerPoint MIME HTML Presentation


PICS Rules File


Adobe Proto Design File


PL/SQL Server Page


AutoCAD Publish To Web File


Public Key File


QuickBooks Online Bank Statement File


Blocks Landing Page File


Qompose Web Page Template


Qworum Message File


Edge Reflow Data File


Ruby HTML Web Page


Ruby Javascript File


Rich Site Summary


RealText Streaming Text File


RapidWeaver 3 Site File


RapidWeaver Package


RapidWeaver Site File


RapidWeaver Theme


Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets File


Nokia Saved Web Page


Sass Cascading Style Sheet


SocialDecks Blog File


Seam Framework Java Servlet File


HTML File with Server Side Includes


HTML Server Side Include File


Server Side Include HTML File


GoLive Website Project File


ASP.NET Site Map File


iWeb Site Design Project


iWeb Site Design Project


Sparkle Website Project


Software Publisher Certificate File


Server Response File


Scala Server Page


Contribute Connection Key File


Certificate Trust List


SSI Web Page




SharePoint Template


SiteSucker Website File


WCF Web Service File


Compressed Virtual World


Adobe Flash Player Cache File


HTTP File Server Template


TitanTV Television Listing File


TitanTV Television Listing File


WebEx Media File


UC Browser Saved Webpage


Internet Shortcut


Visual Basic ActiveX Document


ASP.NET Razor Web Page


Visio Web Drawing


LiveSite Project




Virtual World


DISCO Dynamic Discovery Document


WebBlender Project File


WAP Binary XML File


Opera Widget


Xara Web Document


Safari Web Archive


Android Web Browser Archive


Safari Web Bookmark File


Safari Web History File


macOS Website Location


Internet Explorer Pinned Site Shortcut


Web Gallery Project


Opera Widget File


HTTrack Website Copier File


HybridJava Widget


Wireless Markup Language File


WN Web File


WebObjects Application


WebPlus Project File


WebPlus Project Template


WebEx Recording


Web Services Description Language File


XBEL Bookmarks File


Extensible Binding Language File






Extensible Hypertext Mark-up Language Document


Extensible Hypertext Mark-up Language File


XML Pipeline Document


XML Style Sheet


XML User Interface Language File


Xara Web Designer Graphic


XSL-FO Online Form


Secure IE Zipped HTML File


RabbitWeb Webpage


ZK User Interface File


Possible Virus File


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