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Non-Trailing Slash URLs

No Trailing Slash URLs - Raptor SEO Data

‘Non-Trailing Slash’ URLs are URLs that do not include a trailing slash at the end of the URL such as:

What is a Trailing Slash?

A trailing slash is simply the forward slash at the end of a URL, for example:

Without the trailing slash (non-trailing slash) the URL would look like this:

The use or lack of is simply a personal preference but, like with most URL related components it must be used consistently throughout the site. All URLs should be accessible with or without but not from both.




Why Do We Show You Trailing Slash Data?

We show you this data as having pages and resources be accessible from multiple URLs can cause canonical duplication issues. The summary tab in the reporting feature of our SEO tool shows you how many URLs are accessible:

Trailing Slash URLs

You can use this data to identify canonical duplication issues and ultimately fix them.


This guide is part of an extensive series of guides covering the data that we show in the summary tab of our SEO reporting feature. The following list of links shows all of the categories of data guides, videos and tutorials that we have. If you have any feedback on this or anything else, please fee free to get in touch:

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