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Missing Canonical Tag

Missing Canonical Tag Pages - Raptor SEO Data

Every page should contain a canonical tag and have a canonical URL specified within that tag. This helps to ensure that the preferred version of content is shown in the search results. Ensure that every HTML page on your site contains a canonical tag.

A HTML page with no canonical tag will be defined as a page missing a canonical tag and this is one of many canonical error checks that we perform during our SEO tool’s audit, analysis and reporting of the crawl data.

The made a short video to show you where to find this data within our SEO tools and how to understand it, check that out below:




Missing a Canonical Tag from a Page is an Error

This data only refers to pages that are HTML and accessible, if it is neither of these things then it cannot have a canonical tag and hence it is not missing one. An image for example cannot have a canonical tag and if a page is inaccessible, there is no way of determining whether it has a tag or not.

It is important for pages to use a canonical tag so that Google knows which the preferred version of a page is and which to show in the search results.


What is a Canonical Page & How Do Canonical Tags Work?

A canonical tag exists within the <head>…</head> section of the HTML (source code) of a webpage and looks like this:

<link rel="canonical" href="">

To break this down further:

<link rel="canonical"

This is a rel canonical tag and it specifies that the contents specified is the canonical  version  of the page.


This determines that this is a link.


This section specifies the canonical link itself.


This closes the tag.


What You Can Do with Canonical Page Data?

This is an error, and as such we flag this to you. You can review all of the pages missing canonical tags and build and implement them.

This guide is part of an extensive series of guides covering the data that we show in the summary tab of our SEO reporting feature. The following list of links shows all of the categories of data guides, videos and tutorials that we have. If you have any feedback on this or anything else, please fee free to get in touch: