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Summary SEO Data

Summary SEO Data

This section of our support documentation is dedicated to the data that we provide within the summary tab of the reporting feature of our tool. This data specifically addresses the data conatined in the ‘summary’ tab, the data within this tab is a summary of the data we collected and analysed during the crawl/s of your site.

All web data is collected by our advanced SEO web crawler and is summarised into sections relevant to SEO, we describe these sections below in much more detail.

This data provides the most top-level view of the crawl data and can provide some SEO insights. The video below illustrates how the summary tab works, what it is used for the functionality available to you and how to use the data we provide.



Our advanced and ever-growing range of SEO tools contains a lot of website data based on the analysis that we perform on crawls. We understand that although many terms are ubiquitous among SEO, some are used with less ubiquity. We provide content, guides and videos on ever aspect of our SEO software, as such this series of guides provides in depth descriptions of:

  • How we scrape out raw data
  • What we do with the data
  • How and why we analyse the data
  • Why it is segmented into relevant sections
  • What the data means & why it benefits you
  • How to use and interpret the data we give you

This tab, unlike the errors tab, provides you with some basic SEO advice but principally delivers information about the crawl.

For a more detailed look at the technical issues, please see the Errors tab on the same page. The video below provides a top-level overview of the ‘summary’ tab that we have in our reporting feature.

We love data and so we love talking about it, but if you are unsure about anything we show or discuss, here, please get in touch a


This guide is part of an extensive series of guides covering the data that we show in the summary tab of our SEO reporting feature. The following list of links shows all of the categories of data guides, videos and tutorials that we have. If you have any feedback on this or anything else, please fee free to get in touch:



This shows top-level summary data about the crawl and data collected.

Read more about the Summary data that we show you in the summary tab of our SEO tool.


This shows valuable data about what of your content is indexable.

Read more about the Indexation data that we show you in the summary tab of our SEO tool.


This shows information about canonical duplication errors.

Read more about the canonical data we show you in Raptor’s SEO tools.

Canonical Content

This show you the distribution of canonical pages by word count brackets and can help you to identify 'thin content' pages.

Read more about the Canonical Content Data that we show you in the summary tab of our SEO tool.

Linking Data

This section of crawl data shows you information about follow vs nofollow links and isolated or island pages.

Read more about the linking data that we show you in the summary tab of our SEO tool.

Page Speed Data

This provides a breakdown of the distribution of the site speed and allows you to identity show pages on your site.

Read more about the Page Speed Data that we show you in the summary tab of our SEO tools.


Meta Data

The section of our crawl data shows all meta data on your site plus the errors identified such as missing page titles or duplicate meta description sets.

Read more about the meta data that we show you in the summary tab of our SEO tools.

Google Analytics Data

This section of our crawl data will show tracking issues and missing Google Analytics Code as well as missing Google Tag Manager code among other things.

Read more about the Google Analytics & Tag Manager data that we show you in the summary tab of our SEO tool.