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SEO Tools

SEO Tools

Since time immemorial humanity has been building tools to make their lives easier. From the first pointy stick to using rocks to break open nuts; to modern day technology such as web crawlers anyone not using tools is at a distinct disadvantage.


At Raptor we are dedicated to producing the best SEO Tools we can to help SEOs automate as much of the work as possible. We strive to make tools that meet the needs of the SEO industry, providing you with the data, insights and actionable recommendations required to make a real difference to organic performance.


With two of our founding members veterans of the SEO industry, we have a huge amount of experience in performing the processes and tasks involved in SEO. It is from this experience that we draw the inspiration to design and build our SEO tools. Having performed countless SEO audits, competitor analysis’, pitches and strategies for clients we know what SEOs need.


Tools as ever more important as time goes on, as they allow you to automate, scale up and do more work in less time. This lends a competitive edge to SEO agencies, in-house SEOs and freelancers alike. Whether you are performing a backlink analysis or providing recommendations to optimise a site for its target keywords, SEO tools make the job easier.


In the ever growing competitive landscape of SEO Tools and automation, more and more tools are springing up to fill gaps in the market. Moreover, digital marketing as a whole relies on tools, platforms and data management systems to deliver products that give digital marketers an edge. Whether you work in SEO, PPC or Analytics, you will need access to tools to.


In this section of our digital marketing knowledge base we provide a combination of information on the SEO tools that we have built as well as some of the other tools necessary for SEO.




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